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The pale, shell-pink double-face cashmere coat, the cognac crocodile bag, the ebony sheared mink sweater and satin tuxedo trousers, the indigo embroidered lace sheath, the floaty, feathered coat with inky sequins...

you would secretly crave them all, hoping (optimistically) that they would look as sensational on you as they do on her.

El director de Poli Charallave recordó que en esta institución se ha hecho un importante trabajo para dejar solo a hombres con intachable reputación y rechazó que se quisiera usar el suceso como una forma para atacar al alcalde Marte.

Reinaldo Herrera, the 34-year-old nephew of famed fashion designer Carolina Herrera, 78, was abducted and murdered in Venezuela Thursday night, the New York Daily News reports. Herrera was dining with a friend, 31-year-old Fabrizio Mendoza, at a restaurant in Caracas when a group of armed men took them hostage, later seeking to be paid ransom.

She stands up straight the way real ladies used to, her immaculate, short, blonde hair is swept away from her finely boned face, her eyes are the colour of chocolate mousse and her lips have a decidedly unladylike fullness.

After you'd taken all this in, the next thing you'd want to know - if you're a woman - is whose clothes she wears.

El Director y portavoz oficial de la Policía del municipio Cristóbal Rojas del estado Miranda, supervisor agregado José Guerrero, desmintió este domingo que el presunto asesino del sobrino de la afamada diseñadora Carolina Herrera, Reinaldo Herrera Sánchez, sea un escolta activo del alcalde de Charallave, Humberto Marte, tal como fue publicado por diferentes medios de comunicación.

Carolina is a Venezuelan-American designer known for dressing various First Ladies ...

Even though a ransom was paid to the kidnappers, the men were both killed and their bodies were left in a truck on a highway, according to TMZ.

Carolina is set to receive an award this Monday in Chicago, but it’s not yet known if she’ll still attend the event.

When I was 20 I had the most fantastic Argentinian horse who was a very good jumper.

And I ride horses and have done since I was a young girl.

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