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She strings together all the mistakes that led to the failure into lifelong lessons to carry forth on the journey that she knows is long and worthy! She knows the difference between books and reality, and does not expect a fairy-tale to leap forth from the pages and become REAL.She will just be as excited about the proposal you make to her when she is lying sick but insists on being up to finish Vonnegut, as she’d be about the one that you make fifty years after she’d said YES, by going down on your arthritic knee and sliding a ring on her wrinkled finger!You will suddenly find yourself looking for a woman with depth, one who can hold a conversation well past a dinner date.

She has problems with closet space because she has too many books. You will smile so hard you will wonder why your heart hasn’t burst and bled out all over your chest yet.

Would you take a chance with the girl who’d insist that you arrange books by name? She will take you to fascinating worlds she reads of, weave you into her work through conceits that shall make you smile so hard that you’d wonder why your heart does not burst from all the joy that she continues pouring into your already-full heart!

Would you be up for a Socratic debate segue into the foreplay? A girl in love with stories (and she’d pore over yours, even if it isn’t too easy to tell and remember it, always), a girl who finds beauty in detail (read: she will insist that you pair up the socks in your drawer), notices the small wonders in life (read: she will notice the gleam in your eye when a dinner conversation well past the date keeps you spellbound like no ‘footsie-under-the-table-date’ had ever been able to), and becomes lonely without her stacks of hardbacks, first editions, and stolen library books (and you’d have to make room for those, and love them equally)! She is the one who’d make an epic tale out of the million shorter ones you’d live with her – of dog-poop and nursery rhymes to even those when the Thanksgiving dinner was burnt!

Will you accept the life of passion, presence, and clarity although you might question the clarity quite a bit when returning home to a discussion about syntax may baffle you? She isn’t afraid of failure Date a girl who reads for she isn’t afraid to fail or even be failed.

Will you be willing to immerse yourself in the fantastical world of wonder, brimming with meaning? Because she knows that all failures build up to a climax and some, even chart their course to a sequel. She does not expect you to sweep her off her feet A girl who reads is able to find the magical in the mundane.

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