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With the help of the class, it’s easy to add param-value pairs to your own functions.

This class has two great uses: (1) validation of function inputs and (2) collation of all those inputs into an easy-to-use struct.

A param-value pair is usually supplied with a string parameter name, such as ‘Position’ or ‘Color’ followed by the value of that parameter such as [0 0 1 1] or ‘on’ or some such.

You may have seen this paradigm with the graphics functions.

For each input you have to specify a validation function.

In these examples I’ve provided an in-line anonymous function or function handle.

I really like using the name-value pair instead of an optional argument so I'll probably use that for new code.Unfortunately the code Im working on now is legacy stuff for an API that isnt allowed to change. There is a very annoying new pop-up command history thing when you hit the up key at the command line.MEX setup is easier now, but with separate C and C configurations (I see mass confusion ahead). It is nice to see that Mathworks is working on improving the MEX experience (IMO they spend too much time on the IDE and the interface! Hopefully they also update the MEX API to include some much needed functionality with proper and official documentation: (see my other comment), into a C -style namespace organization.This entry was posted on Thursday, August 29th, 2013 at am and is filed under code.You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.

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It is possible to use the to the number of values that are expected to be returned.

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