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Rachana and Jeevan were reportedly on their way to Kukke Subramanaya temple to celebrate actor Karthik's birthday. , four other 'Mahanadi' actors - Ranjith, Eric, Honnesh and Utthamm, were travelling in the same car and sustained minor injuries.Rachana has also acted in serials like 'Madhubala' and 'Triveni Sangama'.New Delhi: Union ministers Arun Jaitley and Prakash Javadekar were on Thursday appointed the BJP’s election in-charge for the high-stakes Gujarat and Karnataka Assembly polls respectively.BJP chief Amit Shah also appointed four Union ministers — Narendra Singh Tomar, Nirmala Sitharaman, Jitendra Singh and P. Choudhary — co-incharge for the Gujarat polls, scheduled to be held later this year, a party statement said.Besides the Deol family, Hema Malini's close friends from the industry, Jaya Bachchan and Dimple Kapadia, also attended it to bless the couple for the new phase of their lives.However, given that Bachchan is a strict disciplinarian and doesn't mind mincing words, she ensured that rules are followed in the ceremony as well. Meanwhile, Esha was elated that Bachchan and Kapadia made it to the function. Jaya aunty and I have a very special connection — our family functions are incomplete without her," she said.He did extensive field work by touring various states.He writes, “Of the eight organisations I chose to research, four belongs to the Sangh Parivar and four operate independently.” The author spent significant time in 20 to travel and meet leaders of these eight groups.

Reena was a client at the parlour and she always felt that Vippy was a female trapped in a male’s body.

This pageant is being organised using the personal funds of organiser Reena Rai.

It is the result of an unlikely friendship between her and Vippy, a close friend, a transgender and a participant in the pageant.

These fringe groups are active in various states or districts under different names. Once it is polarised it helps in electoral politics.

The recent book Shadow Armies: Fringe organizations and Foot Soldiers of Hindutva by Dhirendra K. He investigated eight fringe Hindutva groups across India.

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