Is harry styles dating ali mcginley

One Direction earned the second highest wages for .

Surpassed only by Taylor Swift, who made 0 million as a solo act, One Direction made 0 million dollars together from June of 2015 through June of 2016. One Direction’s daddy of the year, Louis Tomlinson, who has seemingly spent his whole hiatus pretty quietly so far, made the second and third most re-tweeted tweets.

Zayn was seen in a London recording studio during Fashion Week working on something.

The One Direction hiatus has been great for Harry Styles, who has hardly taken a break.

With any band there are bound to be those few that dance in the shadows and sing a bit quieter; however, I think for the most part, the members of this band are all fairly represented. We should now take a little time out of our day to break down each One Direction member’s celebrity IQ — a very scientific, important number that takes into consideration their actions in the Celeb World over the past few months. First and foremost, he is the crazy little British boy who decided to risk his life in the shadow of Taylor Swift, the Black Widow herself.

Granted, unless they’re dating Taylor Swift, sometimes we don’t really care about them much. Now, a celebrity IQ is different from a normal person’s IQ because a celebrity really only has 3 goals in life: 1. While he totally put his heart on the line by spending a couple nights with the young, crazy blonde country singer who feeds off of failed relationships, any guy who holds Taylor Swift’s hand is going to get media attention. Actually, a lot of questions asked, but still good for publicity. While this failed relationship might have been another one of Taylor’s doings, I have to say that I think Harry might’ve ended this one. I think you should try Niall next, maybe he won’t cheat on you.

He doesn't have any plans in going into a relationship soon because he wants 'THE PERFECT' girl.

He only had one girlfriend named Ashley, but he later broke up with her because he found out that she was only using him because of his fame & fortune.

Harry is transported to the British seaside, shot by Ryan Mc Ginley and styled by Alister Mackie in the S/S17 collections – with the added bonus of a poster for your bedroom wall.

New pics on show the boyband star, who’s preparing to head off on tour to the US, kissing Ali on the cheek and cuddling up together in a chair.

And while Ali may or may not be Niall’s new lady – his bandmates have revealed that the Irishman is the most likely member to tie the knot first!

He recently pranked one of the photogs doing a shoot for the band. “We were sat outside in our car waiting to go in for a meeting and this woman walked past and she was really attractive.

He also told The Sun that he accidentally hit on a random music executive. We were proper going for it in the car and hitting the horn.

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