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David Hasselhoff is reportedly dating a Welsh factory worker.

The 58-year-old star has been romancing Hayley Roberts, 31, for three months and makes regular visits to the small town of Glynneath to visit the part-time model, and has even been seen shopping in a local supermarket.

But mixed metaphors aside, one of the most anticipated – at least by those who love the idea of killer fish chowing down on nubile young partygoers and desiccated older celebrities – was for Ott horror sequel Piranha 3Dd. This first teaser trailer delivers exactly what you’d expect from the movie – lots of shots of the titular aquatic beasties swarming to attack, sun-kissed, bikini-clad babes enjoying themselves (at least until the screaming starts) and some utterly mad ideas (such as Ving Rhames’ machine gun leg, something that Planet Terror director Robert Rodriguez might have a few words to say about.)And because clearly no Piranha movie is complete without some “talent”, there’s also David Hasselhoff, » Those hungry fish are back in Piranha 3Dd, and last night, Scream Awards 2011 offered up the first bloody trailer for this schlock fest from insane director John Gulager. After the bloody good camp fun of Alexandre Aja's "Piranha 3D" last year, someone decided two "D"s are better than one, and boy were they right.

To get a taste of what you can expect from this Magnum-sized sequel, check out the latest footage below. Piranha 3Dd comes to theaters in 2012 and stars Ving Rhames, Paul Scheer, Katrina Bowden, David Koechner, Gary Busey, Christopher Lloyd, Clu Gulager, David Hasselhoff. » - Movie Web Although Piranha 3Dd‘s release has been pushed back to next year, we got our first look at the film during Spike’s 2011 Scream Awards.“Lake Victoria was left in carnage– but this time the school of killer fish have found a new waterpark to chow down on.”Piranha 3Dd is directed by John Gulager (Feast) and stars Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd, Paul Scheer, David Hasselhoff, Gary Busey, Katrina Bowden, Danielle Panabaker, Matt Bush, Chris Zylka, David Koechner, Meagan Tandy, Paul James Jordan, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Hector Jimenez, Adrian Martinez, and Clu Gulager.“There’s something in the water . The Weinstein Company is pulling out all the stops to provide bigger fish, bigger laughs, bigger "stars," and a larger amount of acting talent from the female participants.

He spoke out about his love life last year (10), claiming he was dating two women, but Hasselhoff, 58, has now settled down with a new girlfriend.

The actor has reportedly been romancing part-time model Hayley Roberts, 31, since they met in Cardiff three months ago while he was filming TV show Britain's Got Talent.

Roberts's mother confirmed the relationship, and described the moment when she first welcomed the star to her home in Glynneath, near Swansea. Even now it seems like a bit of a dream."Hasselhoff has reportedly been spotted in the village's Tesco supermarket and local gym, as well as visiting a nearby restaurant with his 31-year-old girlfriend.

"The Hoff", 59, has been dating the 31-year-old for the past six months after meeting her in a Cardiff hotel and despite the 28-year age gap their relationship is still going strong. "I just saw this girl walk out the bar and I just pointed and went, 'her, wow'. ' And mine was, 'only if I can have your number.' I then said, 'you probably have a boyfriend'. She liked me for me, not because I was on TV." David also refused to rule out the idea of marriage with the Welsh beauty, but said he was not looking to get hitched in the foreseeable future.I better start doing myself up, if he keeps coming round here."David - who met Hayley while filming auditions for 'Britain's Got Talent', on which he is now a judge - is currently staying in Swansea and recently stunned the owner of a local restaurant when he walked in with his girlfriend.There have been numerous sightings of him in Swansea, including at the Bay View and Grape and Olive restaurants and at the gym of The Village Hotel.A neighbour of Hayley's mother said: "'The Hoff' is with Hayley.But he hasn't been coming down here long."Hayley's mother and the children are beautiful - they are very nicely turned out.

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He said his girlfriend was from Glynneath and said he had come up to see her."Twice-married Hasselhoff has previously revealed that he loves friendly Brits.

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