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Sadly, the barrier of entry was low and the potential return on investment was high.You didn’t need credibility or a Ph D, you just needed an audience willing to listen.At one time in my life I owned a successful interior design business and helped people improve the functionality and beautify their personal living spaces. That’s when I made one of the most important decisions of my life. Well-intentioned friends and family were there for me, but they did not have any practical advice, and were not really able to help me navigate the now unfamiliar dating and relationship landscape I had to face as a single woman.

This method of becoming a dating coach is not an easy one, especially because pick up artistry can be very controversial.

The daunting transition from married life to single life to dating life was a process I had to go through alone.

I decided that after experiencing firsthand the isolation of being single, and the BIG challenges of dating, I would help others so they would not have to go it alone. I love what I do, and I have both the instincts and the training to help people just like you, every day.

This process makes you attractive to the right people.

Teaching you to avoid bad relationships is also a goal.

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