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RSVP also said data was not permanently deleted when accounts were deactivated."Data may be retained in secure back-ups, for business reporting and auditing, and for the purposes of responding to security issues such as police enquiries," the group said in a statement.Zoosk refused to discuss its policy, saying in an email: "We take security very seriously, especially with regards to customer data, but we don't comment on our specific security implementations."There was no response from the other sites.Facebook itself allows you to select from one of eight possible security questions to recover your password, including “Who was your third grade teacher? Tracy is lucky that she had so many friends and family to rush to her virtual side, and to publicly decry the naughty deed as a forgery, hopefully before her employer, a potential boyfriend, or other person whose opinion could be devestatingly negatively impacted could misjudge her.While some may laugh at the whole thing as a silly episode, with no harm lasting harm done, the underlying messages are loud and clear:1. Use a different password for each site and service; 3.

Wondering how to meet awesome guys in the new year? You’ll sharpen your conversational skills, broaden your social circle, and likely meet some nice guys in the process. Bonus: you know from the start they make healthy eating a priority. Find a bar in a good neighborhood and make it happen. Trivia night attracts a much different kind of crowd than we usually associate with bars, so give it a shot. While a majority of the people you’ll meet are, in fact, coders, you need not be to volunteer.By now you may have read about how Tracy Turkish Brooks and her “other pussy” had an embarrassing Facebook moment when she – supposedly – posted a very steamy note to “Michael”, and accidentally published it for the world to see instead of sending it via private Facebook email.The post, which was real enough, read “Thank you too, Micheal, I had a great time as well. I must admit, I haven’t had sex in a while, so getting mounted by such a strong and powerful man was a pleasant surprise after so many long months of …abstinence.I hope this message doesn’t scare you off, I just wanted you to know what a wonderful time I had with you.You are permanently invited to “the love-cave-between-my-legs” ”However, while the post was real, by all accounts, the person who posted it was not Tracy Turkish Brooks – rather, her Facebook account was (and apparently still is) hacked.

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