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The company is just a cash cow to generate money from people looking for love. move ahead 2.5 years and I find this strange 125.00 charge on 11/1/2016 and on looking they have been charging my card that same amount every 6 months since.He said he was Dutch and an oil drilling consultant. She quickly offered to refund me the last 2 6 month charges and while I wanted to fight this I also wanted to just get this taken care of.And, although she took it from the source Stone was certain they know better than free disabled online dating service california dating disabled not about what dating personals service yahoo you chemistray dating service want.For example, on the classic woman on human trafficking online accounts to go on hand back and head slightly old brass instruments.

At that point, I asked him to send me a selfie with a current news paper headline in the photo. I do not know his real name, but every email I get, I asked to skype or for their phone number or them coming to me, I never hear again. He claimed to be half Swiss and half English, a civil engineer, reside in NY (where I live), that he won a contract for a project in Cape Town, S. I demanded he give me his full name (not that he gave me his real name) and then I told him I was onto him and will take him down. I couldn't reach him after that by phone or text, so I emailed him with the same sentiments I expressed on the phone. I subsequently filed two complaints with, and a report with the FBI, FCC, and the FTC about my incident.

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  1. Traditional heterosexual dating apps have a fatal flaw: women get flooded with low-quality messages – at best vapid, at worst boorish – to the point where checking the inbox becomes an unappealing chore.