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That is why Crimson Cupboard is so important to me and this campus.” Wheeler has been a volunteer for the cupboard since its founding, previously working as the donations coordinator.

Having experienced food insecurity after graduating from high school, and turning to a local pantry for help, Wheeler has worked as an advocate for the issue ever since.

But students like Erika Wheeler have taken up the charge and expanded the pantry to further address the issue of food insecurity both on campus and in the community."It's a very scary time right now," special agent in charge of the DEA's Indianapolis office, Greg Westfall said."It is deadly." Fentanyl is a painkiller normally prescribed to patients recovering from surgery, and the DEA says the synthetic opioid is about 50 times more potent than heroin.They came from Larry Bird, part of the two-way correspondence between the two that probably could be compiled into a book.It would be a tale of friendship, trust, mentoring, a real-life bro-mance that goes beyond the traditional formal relationship between a player and team president. "Neither of us ever changed our number." They don't need to text now, although they still might.

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